Picture Of The Day – #1


This is the Giant’s Causeway about 3 miles northeast of the town Bushmills, Northern Ireland.

I love this picture for many reasons.

  1. The unreal, but amazingly natural hexagon shapes of the stone.
  2. The misty water rushing over the lower portion of the stone.
  3. The beautiful golden hue of the sky as the sun sets.
  4. The reflection of the sky in the puddles of the stones.
  5. The mix of warm and cool tones from the warm sunset to the cool blue water.

Long ago, the County in which this is located, Antrim, was subject to intense volcanic activity. Highly fluid molten basalt flowed through chalk beds to form a large lava plateau. As the lava cooled, contraction occurred. Horizontal contraction fractured in the same way that of drying mud, cracking down as the mass of lava cooled, forming pillar-like structures. The size of the gaps between the pillars are determined by how fast the volcanic lava cooled.

Another great example of God’s amazing creation!



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