Picture Of The Day – #4


I am obsessed with bridges! I just love them!

I took this picture while I was in Seattle with my mom and sister. I saw this possible shot and begged my mom to pull-over and let me take pictures. She left me there to get gas and 5,000 pictures later, I took the one above!(Okay, okay… only 92 pictures later…)

This is the George Washington Memorial Bridge in Seattle, commonly called the Aurora Bridge. It is a cantilever and truss bridge that carries State Route 99 (Aurora Avenue North) over the west end of Seattle’s Lake Union and connects Queen Anne and Fremont. The bridge is located just east of the Fremont Cut, which itself is spanned by the Fremont Bridge.

The bridge is 2,945 ft long, 70 ft wide, and 167 ft above the water, and is owned and operated by the Washington State Department of Transportation. The bridge was opened to traffic on February 22, 1932. It was accepted to the National Register of Historic Places in 1982. The bridge is a popular location for suicide jumpers (popular doesn’t really fit with ‘suicide jumper’, does it?) and numerous reports have used the bridge as a case study in fields ranging from suicide prevention to the effects of pre-hospital care on trauma victims.

In 1998 a bus driver was shot and killed while driving over the bridge, causing his bus to crash and resulting in the death of one of the passengers.


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