Word Of The Week – #1


Acquiescent – Ready to accept something without protest, or to do what someone else wants: “the unions were acquiescent and there was no overt conflict” -Bing

Am I the only one who gets completely-over-the-top-crazy-eccited about a new word???

This may be a common word, but I had never heard of it before a week ago. This word has become special to me because I think it is going to be the name of my first novel… whenever I get around to finishing it. *deep breath* Slowly, but surely.

It, for some reason, has the perfect meaning that I have been looking for to name my novel. My main character, Claire, has to basically go undercover into this Dystopian government and has to pretend to be fully on their side and be acquiescent to their commands even though they completely oppose her ways and beliefs… And I like the sound of it.

So anyway, I just got really excited about the word and thought I’d share.

On that note, I’m now doing a Word Of The Week! Exciting! to those of us who get completely-over-the-top-crazy-eccited about words…



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