Why I Don’t Like Real Pictures Of People On Fiction Book Covers

Gone Book Cover

This may seem odd, but I really don’t like it when fiction books have pictures of real people on them and here is why: I feel like a book should leave enough to the reader’s imagination. Describe the characters, but leave the reader an opportunity to form what the character looks like to them. They should give descriptions of the surrounding to lead the readers in a certain direction and help them along the way, but ultimately leaving the reader to form their own world inside their head as they’re reading. That’s the fun of reading!

And looks do change things. That’s not shallow, it’s just natural. I feel like giving them a picture ruins the fun of personal imagination! And also if the models on the cover have a cheesy look about them or a perfect look, it makes me feel like I can’t relate as much to them as I would have without the picture, because they seem so perfect… are you getting me?

Now this may not really be a bad thing at all. Maybe some people prefer it that way, but this is just my opinion. I’m probably over-thinking this and being picky. (But I especially hate it when the person on the cover doesn’t match the description in the book, urrrgh…) 🙂 What are your thoughts?



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